Cocktails For Home is brought to you by the team behind award winning, Harrogate cocktail bar, Montey’s where we have been crafting phenomenal drinks, including the legendary ‘Lemon Drop’ since 1996.

For many years our guests have been asking us if they can order cocktails-to-go. We’ve always refused because they need to be made fresh, drunk fresh and pre-mixes just don’t make the grade.

Then came ‘lockdown’. Our regulars were missing their favourite Montey’s cocktails so we posted some tutorial videos so they could make them at home. The response was overwhelming but we realised that you needed to buy large, expensive bottles of ingredients (which are often hard to find), even though the recipe may only need a splash. Also, without the right glassware and tools the drinks didn’t quite pack the same punch.

After a lightbulb moment Cocktails For Home was conceived. With our irresistible recipes, portioned ingredients, delectable garnishes, size appropriate glassware and tools, you can now make cocktails that look and taste as good as those we serve at our bar.


Whether you prefer fruity, boozy, or with a kick; a classic or something more daring, our cocktails appeal to all tastes.

Fresh, delicious and made from premium base spirits, such as gin, rum, tequila, vodka and whisky. Often using hard to find and unique ingredients, our cocktails are fun & easy to make at home.

Our ever-changing menu reflects seasonal produce and includes our favourite classics and latest creations.

Order online and your cocktail kit will be delivered to your door. Included is the recipe card, ingredients & garnishes. Add to your cart our cocktail making tools and appropriate glassware and before you know it you’ll be shaking up cocktails worthy of any social media post!

What our guests say:

“The best bar on earth. Need I say anymore?”

Kerry Kirkland

“Just yes…. I love the cocktails.”

Gordon Schallmo

“The birthplace for my love of shots and cocktails.”

James Sanderson